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About us

Ceylon Cinnamon is a family run, Sri Lankan company, selling spices online. With Sanjaya as the Managing Director and his father-in-law as the Finance Director, both have a love for what they do.

Sanjaya’s father has grown cinnamon in Sri Lanka for over 40 years and therefore knows everything there is to know about the spice, from the planting of it to the end product. As an expert of many other spices too, from peppercorns to cloves, Sanjaya has grown up surrounded by spices, with a desire to provide his customers with the same quality ingredients he’s enjoyed throughout his life so far.

Sanjaya’s father helps to run the business and has played an active role in the two years Ceylon Cinnamon has been trading for. Ensuring quality control in Sri Lanka, while also making sure the spices are grown with the attention they deserve, the team have worked hard to build up a dedicated client base that have enabled them to be the success they are today. With a passion for flavour and a desire to offer the very best products, Ceylon Cinnamon believes in never letting customers down, striving to exceed their expectations instead.

With aspirations of growing the business further over the next year or so, Ceylon Cinnamon hopes it won’t be too long until they’re able to offer their assortment of home-grown spices online to customers all over the world.

Ceylon Cinnamon is a spice company that was launched to make spice shopping as easy and enjoyable as possible for customers. All the spices you could ever wish for are just a click away.

  • Managing Director: Initiate Sales & Marketing in Sri Lanka& England, introducing e-business solutions for all sectors.